KOBA-TV Reviews Sisters and Other Strangers

With Debrah Farentino

By Ann Brill White

Maryland J. Koba here, back from a few days off. I think I got overworked last week. Gaal knows, we Kobas don't like to work too hard. Anyway, I finally got a chance to watch Sisters and Other Strangers with Debrah "Fridge-Adair" Farentino.

Sisters and Other Strangers is a made-for-TV movie mystery about two very different sisters. Gail, the older, responsible, straight-laced sister was played by Joanna Kerns, the queen of TV movies. Debrah played Renee, the younger, messed-up sister. The two sisters owned some beautiful but useless property in Arizona along with their nice old Uncle Ben and their mother. Renee was into just about everything - booze, drugs, men, and selling ancient Indian pottery. However, she was the darling of the family, while Gail was the one left out. When Renee turns up dead in a pueblo with her wrists slashed, everyone assumes that it's a suicide - until the autopsy rules it a homicide. The prime suspect is Gail, but she's obviously innocent.

Debrah's character is mostly seen in flashbacks, and as Renee's ghost who talks to Gail. Gail teams up with Renee's good-looking Hispanic boss to find the real killer. The problem is that just about anyone could have offed Renee: Gail's husband (played by "Matt Sykes" from Alien Nation), who was having an affair with Renee; Renee's Navaho boyfriend, who was her partner in the antiquities scam, or maybe even the lawyer. The only person NOT a suspect was Gail's daughter. Unlike most TV movies, the murderer WASN'T telegraphed halfway through the show. You didn't know until the very end that the murderer was nice, old Uncle Ben, who wasn't so nice after all. He had molested Renee after their father's death, and was using it to try to control her.

Sisters was pretty good, for a TV movie. The action was fast- paced, and the plot had more twists than a mountain road. Debrah looked good back in the desert - although it was filmed in Arizona, not New Mexico. She looked more like Devon Adair than Teresa Connors from EZ Streets, but was still playing one messed-up chick. Her character, although dead, was the only one with any life to them. Her acting skills got quite a workout, and the males on the list will appreciate the skin-tight dresses that her character wore in the flashback sequences. In all, Maryland J. Koba gives Sisters and Other Strangers three and a half Indian pots out of five.

See you next time, and remember, "Friends don't let friends watch Friends!"

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