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Welcome to my Farscape fan page! In addition to Farscape I also write in the Earth 2 universe. If you'd like to sample my E2 fanfic, go to the KOBA-TV Page or to

The creative writing and videos posted here are my own. Farscape is the property of David Kemper, Rockne O'Bannon, Hallmark, Henson Productions, and the Sci-Fi Channel. I'm just playing in their driveway with their toys.

Now featuring pictures from CreepCon!

Stories, videos, pictures, and humor posted on this website are not to be used without permission of Ann and John White. Our creative efforts are not for anyone's profit - not even our own. If you wish to request a videotape or VCD of our videos, contact me at and I will make you one for the cost of a tape or CD-RW and shipping.



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All of my videos are available in QuickTime. Please download them, rather than view through the broswer.

Kiss That Frog (music by Peter Gabriel)

You're Only Human (music by Billy Joel)

* I'll Keep Your Secrets (music by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Beethoven's Last Night

Bitch (music by Meredith Brooks)
You Can't Get a Man With a Gun (music from Annie, Get Your Gun) The Farscape Muppet Show approximate size 5 MB
* Stick It Out (music by Rush) * Woke Up This Morning (Theme from The Sopranos by Alabama 3) approximate size 11 MB
* Bad Reputation (music by Halfcocked) approximate size 8 MB * You're A Mean One, Scorpius (from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas) approximate size 8 MB
* Masochism Tango (music by Tom Lehrer) approximate size 6 MB * Dante's Prayer (music by Loreena McKennitt) approximate size 10 MB
* Farscape Follies (music by Johann Offenbach, arranged by Vanessa Mae) approximate size 7 MB * What Is Eternal (music by The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Beethoven's Last Night) approximate size 11 MB
* Strange Things (music by Randy Newman from Toy Story) approximate size 9 MB * Farscape Promo Video for ComiCon (music by Techscaper approximate size 12 MB - Originally made for SD Comicon, but never shown.
* Fly From The Inside (music by Shinedown) approximate size 15 MB * All I Care About (music by Richard Gere from Chicago) approximate size 12 MB
* Mambo #5 (music by Lou Bega) approximate size 13 MB * Trigger Happy (music by Weird Al Yankovic) approximate size 26 MB

Chiana Cancel 1
Chiana "Cancel This!" #1
Chiana Cancel 2
Chiana "Cancel This!" #2"
D'Argo Cancel
D'Argo "Cancel This!"

Nice Legs!


Updated January 25, 2006

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