Earth 2 "Second Season" Information

As shown at New PacifiCon '96

There has been a lot of interest in what has been referred to as the Earth 2 Second Season. Here is what was reported at New PacifiCon '96:

Universal and NBC were unhappy with the ratings that Earth 2 was getting. So, Universal fired producer Michael Duggan and brought in Gil Grant, who is most notably associated with the short-lived series Covington Cross. Grant and Universal decided to make some changes in the format of Earth 2.

The actors were, for the most part, unaware of any proposed changes to the series. Italicized phrases are taken directly from the promotional tape. Some of the proposed changes were:

When NBC heard about these changes, they were not pleased. The decision was made to cancel the show. The timeline on this is very unclear. If NBC did know about the proposed changes, no one would blame them for cancelling Earth 2 rather than turning it into a shadow of its former self.

After NBC cancelled the show, the new producers turned to other networks. They received an invitation to pitch the series at UPN. Apparently, one of the UPN executives was a fan of Earth 2, and jumped at the chance to get it on their network. However, when they heard the proposed changes, they also turned it down. An E2 fan who had been in touch with UPN was given the leftover materials gratis, and that is how the fans discovered how they had been deceived.

NBC isn't entirely blameless in this debacle, either. They received hundreds of letters and e-mails in support of Earth2. However, they chose to ignore the fan support. E2 was nominated as one of five shows in TV Guide's "Save Our Shows" campaign in 1995. E2 came in a close second to FOX's Party of Five, which continues on the air to this day. In fact, E2 won the poll, but TVG didn't count spam from one enthusiastic E2 fan that set up an e-mail loop. The fans refused to take the cancellation lying down. We raised over $3500 to purchase a full-page, two-colorad in the back page of Daily Variety on a Monday after a big movie opening weekend. We were the first fan group to do this - and we were copied by fans of MST3K and Space: Above and Beyond . We got a lot of attention, but not from NBC or Universal. We then collected money for a skyad to be flown over the Emmy Awards as all of the stars were arriving, for best media exposure. Again, it attracted notice, but not from the right people.

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