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What is Earth 2?
Earth 2 is a science-fiction show that aired on NBC in the 1994-95 season in the 7-8 PM EST time slot. It was cancelled after one season, despite a very vocal fan protest. It was produced by Michael Duggan (Law & Order), Carol Flint (China Beach, ER) and Mark Levin (The Wonder Years) for Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment.
What is the premise of Earth 2?
In 2192, human beings have left Earth, for the most part, to live on giant orbiting space stations. Earth has been environmentally devastated, and the only people left are miners and other poor laborers. A rich station designer, Devon Adair, whose only son,Ulysses, has been stricken with a fatal illness called The Syndrome, puts together an expedition to found a colony on an earth-like planet, called G889, twenty-two light years from Earth. The expedition backfires when the Advance team crash-lands on the planet on the opposite side of the continent from their destination. They discover that the planet that they thought was uninhabited, is in fact home to a variety of species, as well as some cast-off Humans from the Stations. The colonists journey westward to their destination, New Pacifica, encountering problems along the way.
What is Planet G889?
G889 is an Earth-like planet approximately twenty-two light years from our Solar System. It is the ninth planet in the G88 system. It is unknown if the G88 system is actually a real star system. G889 has two moons, an atmosphere that is similar to Earth, and five continents, one in the southern polar region. New Pacifica, the colonists' proposed base, was located in the southern portion of the eastern continent, on the shore of an ocean.
What life-forms are indigenous to G889?
There are at least three life-forms that the colonists came in contact with on G889. Two of them possessed human-like intelligence. In addition, G889 has a variety of earth-like flora and fauna, including birds and insects. Some of it is toxic to humans, and some is edible.
What Humans are on G889?
Unknown to the colonists, planet G889 had a lot more human beings than they realized. The Council, the governing body of the Stations, sent hardened criminals to G889 as a penal colony. Some penal colonists banded together to form communities, while others, like Gaal, survived alone. In addition, some "radical biologists," who objected to the Council's ideals and were searching for an earth-like environment, had travelled to G889. They all died except two children, Mary and Waylon. Mary was adopted by the Terrians, and Waylon went insane.
How did the Colonists get to G889?
Eden Project was designed to resettle 250 families of Syndrome children, or approximately 1000 people. Planning and preparations, including getting permission from the government, took six years. Two spaceships, which departed the Stations simultaneously, ferried the colonists to G889. The smaller, faster Advance ship was to carry the initial colony planners, and arrive 18 months before the Colony ship with the bulk of the colonists. Once the Advance team was safely delivered, the ship was to return to Earth, with a round-trip time of 44-45 years. The ships were presumably powered by sub-light engines. The passengers and crew were placed in timed cryogenic suspension until arrival.
Who was on the Eden Advance Team?
The Advance Team consisted of:
If G889 was 22 light-years away, how did the Advance ship get there in 22 years?
Since the Advance Ship did not travel at the speed of light, it would have taken a lot longer than 22 years to get to a planet 22 light-years away. It is presumed that both the Advance and Colony ships travelled at near-light speed. Since the Advance ship was smaller and more powerful, they arrived first. After all, travel above the speed of light NEVER happens in science-fiction shows, does it???
How many episodes were there, and what were their titles?
Twenty-one episodes of Earth 2 were produced. The titles are (in timeline order):
*Denotes shown out of order.
Where was the episode "Natural Born Grendlers" supposed to go?
There has been a great deal of controversy about the placement of the "lost episode" called "Natural Born Grendlers". Kevin Pike, the special effects supervisor for E2, explained that the B-story for NBG - Alonzo's attempted suicide and his gradual acceptance of life on the surface - was supposed to be part of "Life Lessons". However, that sequence was cut because the episode was too long. So, the additional plot of Bess trading with the Grendler was added. Technically, NBG should fall between "Life Lessons" and "Promises, Promises". There are some clues about this placement. Namely, Alonzo has a cut on his forehead in "Promises" which he got in NBG, and the infamous "horse in a can" can be glimpsed in a distance shot of the camp in NBG. The horse was featured in "Life Lessons". However, most people place it after "Promises, Promises" because the three Gaal episodes were shown as a group.
If the Colonists crash landed, how did they get so many clothes?
The only people to escape the ship with their luggage were the Martins, who carried a suitcase to the escape pod. But, the group did recover one crate of clothing in "Life Lessons", another bunch of clothes were found in "Mooncross", as well as a large Grendler stash in "Grendlers In the Myst".
What is the Syndrome?
The Syndrome is a mysterious auto-immune illness that strikes very young children. It bears a strong resemblance to AIDS, although it seems to be a strictly childhood disease. There is no known cure, and the cause is undetermined. Theoretically, it is caused by the lack of natural diseases on the Stations, which would cause a child to build up antibodies. It may also be caused by the lack of fresh air, sunshine, and other "Earth-like" factors that are missing on the Stations. The Syndrome is a dreaded disease among the Station- dwellers, mostly since it is a death sentence. Some parents have abandoned their children to the care of the health care system, and the children are put in "Syndrome Wards". The leading researcher on the Syndrome, Dr. Vasquez, was one of the driving forces behind the Eden Project.He led a team of researchers which included Julia Heller. Vasquez was stuck on the Colony ship due to the unplanned early departure from the Stations.
What is the Council?
The Council is the shadowy governing body of the Stations. They seem to be involved with every aspect of Station life, although at a much higher level than the average person would realize. Even though he was a mid-level civil servant, Morgan was shocked by Julia's involvement with them in "The Enemy Within". The Council seemed to be concerned mostly with maintaining order on the Stations, and provided subtle guidance toward that effect. They were responsible for sending Special Forces troops after the radical biologists, conducting genetic experiments on people - willing and otherwise, and placing biostat chips in Station residents for medical monitoring purposes. Julia's mother was on the Council's Board of Regents, which is presumably the highest level. In the real world, the closest parallel one could draw would be the Politburo in the government of the former Soviet Union.
Why didn't the Council want Eden Project to succeed?
The Council was testing several planets for possible colonization. G889 was the best candidate, except for the small problem of the Terrians. They dumped the penal colonists there, then experimented on them to see if they would adapt. The Council didn't want Eden Project to succeed because they didn't want their secrets to be discovered. They also wanted to control the Station population. If the viability of G889 was to be made public, there would be a mass exodus away from the Stations. The Council made several attempts to sabotage the Eden Project, including:
Is G889 really "alive"?
Well, the Terrians certainly think so! In actuality, Earth2 is an example of the Gaia Hypothesis, which was popularized by Dr. James Lovelock, a British biochemist. The Gaia Hypothesis states that living organisms and inorganic material are part of a dynamic system that shapes Earth's biosphere. The planet functionsas a super-organism that regulates physical conditions to keep the environment hospitable for life forms. While the Gaia Hypothesis has yet to be proven scientifically, many aboriginal cultures venerate the Earth as a living being - a benevolent Mother. The Terrians, which have the same biochemical makeup as the soil of G889, consider the planet to be their Mother. The spiritual beliefs of the other G889 natives was never mentioned.
Who is Reilly, and why was he after the Colonists?
Reilly was Julia's contact when she was spying for the Council. She never spoke to him in person, only in VR. Reilly was supposedly sent by the Council to monitor G889, and to try to control the Terrians, who are the guardians of the planet. He was especially interested in the changes to Uly Adair. At one point, Reilly forced Julia to attempt to remove Uly's pineal gland. After a communication from the Terrians, she lied to protect Uly. Julia then harvested the Terrian components of Uly's DNA and injected them into herself. After she was discovered, Julia was abandoned by the group. She returned to them, promising not to spy for the Council again.

Reilly was supposed to monitor the Colonists' progress on G889 and, supposedly, report back to the Council on their activities. Julia believed that he was a real person, located somewhere either on the planet or in orbit. In the last episode, however, Reilly was discovered to be part of a sophisticated biological monitoring program called EVE. EVE was created and set into orbit by Dr. Franklin Bennett, a Council scientist sent to explore G889 and report his findings. The Colonists discovered Reilly's true nature when the EVE computer began to malfunction, causing them to become ill. With Yale's help, the colonists "reset" EVE, and Reilly was back to his old maleveolent self. Whether Reilly was an actual person or a creation of EVE is discussed ad nauseam by E2 fans everywhere.

What happened to Devon, and why did the show end in a cliffhanger?
In the series finale, "All About Eve", Devon Adair contracted a mysterious disease, and was placed in cold sleep until a cure was found. This was done so that Debrah Farentino - who was pregnant at the time - could take time off to have her baby. When she was ready to come back, they would write her back in. The producers also knew that there was a strong possibility that the show would be cancelled, and deliberately filmed a cliffhanger to try to force the hand of the network.
Are there any book tie-ins available?
There are three Earth 2 books available. They are: All three books are still in print, and may be ordered through your local bookstore. In addition to the pro novels, there are several fanzines available, which are covered under section 3 - Fandom Information.
Why did The X-Files make a comment about the scientific inaccuracies of Earth 2?
In the second season of The X-Files, specifically the episode "Blood", the Lone Gunmen invite Mulder over to their apartment to "hop onto the Internet and pick apart the scientific inaccuraciesof Earth 2." Many fans of both the X-Files and Earth 2 thought that this was a cheap shot directed at E2, or a confirmation that E2's science wasn't accurate. Actually, it was a comment directed against the nitpickers on the newsgroup, that picked apart every detail of the show. The writers of that episode, Glen Morgan and James Wong, were fans of E2. It was their way of welcoming the "new kid" on the science-fiction block. They may have used another subtle reference to E2 in the very beginning of Space: Above and Beyond, where a colony living in domes on a planet with two moons got wiped out by attacking aliens. The colony looked a lot like the Eden Project.
What is the E2 connection to the Lost Colony?
The main symbolism in E2 is the connection to the Roanoake colony that landed in Virginia in 1587. It was the first English settlement in America. Roanoke is the famous colony whose inhabitants disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It was founded by a group from Devon, England. On August 18, 1587, Eleanor Dare, wife of Anais Dare, gave birth to "the first Christian borne in Virginia," according to her grandfather John White. They named the little girl Virginia.


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